About Ammodo

We initiate, develop and support projects in the visual arts, performing arts and sciences. Artists and scientists often see things before other people do. They identify social trends, extend boundaries and make revolutionary discoveries. By providing artists and scientists with the space and time to really immerse themselves in their work, and by helping to showcase that work, we seek to stimulate the development of the arts and sciences.


We work together with reputable partners to initiate groundbreaking projects


We want to be able to interpret developments in the arts and sciences. That is why we provide experts and innovators with a platform on which to present their visions.


  • Venice Biennale

    Venice Biennale

    23 April - 27 November 2022

    The 59th edition of the Venice Biennale takes place from 23 April to 27 November 2022. The main exhibition, titled The Milk of Dreams, is curated by Cecilia Alemani and investigates the body in transformation and how technology changes our definition of humanity. Ammodo supports several internationally renowned artists to create new work for The Milk of Dreams. The selected artists are Dora Budor, Giulia Cenci, Gabriel Chaile, Mire Lee, Delcy Morelos, Precious Okoyomon and Alexandra Pirici.


    Pictured: Made of only hearts, Mire Lee, 2020

  • Frascati: DARKMATTER

    Frascati: DARKMATTER

    Performing Arts
    12 May 2022 - 22 March 2023
    Diverse locations in Europe

    DARKMATTER is a performative piece in which Cherish Menzo uses the language of dance to dissect our prejudices and black-and-white thinking. She drew inspiration from posthumanism, Afrofuturism, astronomy and hip hop.

    DARKMATTER is a Grip and Frascati co-production.


  • Manifesta 14 Pristina

    Manifesta 14 Pristina

    22 July - 30 October 2022
    Pristina, Kosovo

    Manifesta is a nomadic biennial of contemporary art taking place in a different European city every other year. The fourteenth edition lands in Prishtina, Kosovo, and carries the title it matters what worlds world worlds: how to tell stories otherwise. Catherine Nichols was appointed as Creative Mediator.

    Prishtina is a rapidly developing city where East meets West. Manifesta wants to induce political and social engagement through art and aims to create a lasting impact on the cultural infrastructure of the city. To achieve this, a permanent contemporary art centre will be realised.

    Ammodo supports the production of new artworks for Manifesta 14.


    Pictured: Above Everyone, Alban Muja, 2022

Latest projects

  • Performing arts

    Het Achtste Leven (Voor Brilka)
    AMMODO ✕ Toneelgroep Oostpool

    Het Achtste Leven (Voor Brilka) is a large-scale theatre production directed by Daria Bukvić, based on Nino Haratischwili’s novel of the same name, a monumental family epic spanning six generations.

    The story takes place in twentieth-century Georgia, against the backdrop of the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. Live music – from folk to pop – plays an important role in the play.


  • Visual arts

    Ibrahim Mahama: Garden of Scars
    AMMODO ✕ Oude Kerk Amsterdam
    2022 - 2023

    Garden of Scars is the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands by Ghanese artist Ibrahim Mahama. For Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk, he creates an installation of around 800 memorial stones, consisting of casts of the church’s tombstones as well as pieces of floor from Fort Elmina in Ghana, a hub of trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    In doing so, he connects the family histories of merchants, captains and mayors buried in the Oude Kerk to those of enslaved Africans.


    Depicted: No friend but the mountains 2012-20, Ibrahim Mahama, Vennice Biennale 2020

  • Visual arts

    Anne Imhof: Youth
    AMMODO ✕ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    2022 - 2023

    Youth is German artist Anne Imhof’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Using art, architecture, light and sound, Imhof will transform the basement gallery of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam into an uncanny installation. The exhibition concludes with a series of performances in January 2023.

    In Youth, Imhof investigates the dark side of life. She questions dynamics of power and reflects on emotions such as loneliness, greed and the fear of missing out.