About Ammodo

We initiate, develop and support projects in the visual arts, performing arts and sciences. Artists and scientists often see things before other people do. They identify social trends, extend boundaries and make revolutionary discoveries. By providing artists and scientists with the space and time to really immerse themselves in their work, and by helping to showcase that work, we seek to stimulate the development of the arts and sciences.


We work together with reputable partners to initiate groundbreaking projects


We want to be able to interpret developments in the arts and sciences. That is why we provide experts and innovators with a platform on which to present their visions.


  • Documenta 14

    08 April - 17 September 2017
    Athens and Kassel

    For the first time in the history of documenta the art manifestation is presented in two cities. From the 8th of April until the 16th of July 2017 documenta 14: Learning From Athens is being presented in Athens and starting on the 10th of June and running until the 17th of September 2017 documenta will take place in Kassel. The exhibitions are autonomous, but are being presented in part simultaneously and are strongly related. Adam Szymczyk has been appointed as artistic director of documenta 14. Ammodo supports the making of some of the performances, which have been integrated in the overall programme of documenta 14.


    Mounira Al Solh, Sperveri, 2017, tentoonstellingsoverzicht, foto: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

  • Stedelijk Contemporary: Jana Euler

    20 May - 15 October 2017
    Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

    As part of the exhibition series Stedelijk Contemporary, the Stedelijk Museum presents Jana Euler: High in Amsterdam. The sky of Amsterdam by the German visual artist Jana Euler (1982), starting on the 20th of May. The exhibition consists of an installation in which both recent and new work is displayed, including the work entitled Amsterdam in the Sky, which was purchased by the Stedelijk Museum in 2015.


    Jana Euler, Analysemonster, 2014, photo: Jana Euler and Cabinet, Londen.



    Performing Arts
    08 July - 01 December 2017
    Various locations

    NBprojects performs projects created by the choreographer Nicole Beutler. Beutler is inspired by geometric Bauhaus principles: circle, square and triptychon shapes are a common theme. The circle was the central theme in 5: ECHO (2014) and the square in 6: THE SQUARE (2016) . In the new production 7: TRIPLE MOON (2017) the triptychon and the trinity are the main focus. Marjolein Vogels and Madelyn Bullard are performing three portraits that embody the different phases in a woman’s life: as a girl, a mother and an older woman.


    Nicole Beutler, 7: TRIPLE MOON, 2017, photo: Nikola Lumburov