Stichting Ammodo, For arts, architecture and science


Ammodo Foundation is a charitable organisation established on 3 September 2010 and is recognised by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organisation. The objective of Ammodo is the not-for-profit provision of (financial) support for, or the realisation of, projects of general social interest and of cultural, philanthropic or scientific nature.

Working within its statutory objectives and in accordance with the relevant legal requirements, Ammodo has drawn up a formal policy. Within its statutory objectives, Ammodo promotes art and science through projects that are of exceptional quality by international standards. In the field of art, Ammodo supports projects that contribute to the development of both visual arts and performing arts. In the field of science, Ammodo supports scientific research in the Netherlands through the Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research and the Ammodo Science Award for groundbreaking research. Ammodo also produces documentaires on artists and scientists.

Ammodo actively seeks potential partners within the fields of visual arts, performing arts and science, to explore with them the potential for cooperation. Ammodo does not welcome unsolicited project proposals. Information concerning the actual implementation of the policy can be found on the website.

The following projects have led to expenditure in the state of income and expenses in 2021:

Stichting CBK Zuidoost – Patricia Kaersenhout: The Third Dimension

Stichting CBK Zuidoost – Solo exhibition 2021-2023

Stichting Frascati – New Frontiers 2022-2024

Stichting Sonsbeek & State of Fasion – Sonsbeek 2024

Stichting De Appel – Catalyst Commissions 2022-2024

Stichting Julidans – International co-productions 2022-2024

Stichting BIMHUIS – Reflex and Commissioned piece 2022-2024

Stichting Nederlands Dans Theater – New productions 2021-2024

Stichting EYE Filmmuseum – Exhibition programme 2022-2025

Internationale Stichting Manifesta – New works 2022

Internationale Stichting Manifesta – New works 2024

Stichting Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ – Productions 2023-2025

Stichting Beheer tot behoud Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen – Le Miroir Vivant 2022-2024

Stichting Internationaal Theater Amsterdam – Production partnership 2022-2025

Stichting Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Hito Steyerl

Stichting Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Buro Stedelijk 2023-2025

Stichting Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Anne Imhof

Stichting Het Rijksmuseum – Remember Me

Stichting Het Rijksmuseum – Vermeer

Stichting Het Rijksmuseum – Exhibition

Stichting Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest – Academie 2021-2028

Stichting Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest – Masterclass conducting 2023 en 2025

Stichting Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest – Artistic curatorship 2022-2025

Stichting Nexus Instituut – Conferences 2022-2024

Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research

Development of short documentaries about artists and scientists

Financial data for 2021 are specified  in the obligatory ANBI form in compliance with ANBI guidelines. This form can be found here.