Stichting Ammodo, For arts, architecture and science


Juliette de Wijkerslooth
Juliette de Wijkerslooth Director
Oda Barten
Oda Barten Deputy Director & Programme Manager Science
Marie-Louise Oster
Marie-Louise Oster Programme Manager Art
Erika van Scheijndel
Erika van Scheijndel Finance Manager
Daphne Richter
Daphne Richter Senior Associate Performing Arts
Kiedes van Wouden
Kiedes van Wouden Associate Visual Arts
Milou van Vlijmen
Milou van Vlijmen Programme Manager Art a.i.
Vita Filippini
Vita Filippini Junior Associate Art
Ernée Derckx
Ernée Derckx Associate Science
Ammeret Rossouw
Ammeret Rossouw Programme Expert
Maartje Bakers
Maartje Bakers Programme Expert Documentaries
India Klap
India Klap Junior Associate Documentaries
Frederike van Dorst
Frederike van Dorst Head of Communications a.i.
Daan Schneider
Daan Schneider Communications Advisor
Marleen van Driel
Marleen van Driel Programme Expert Architecture
Eveline Ladi
Eveline Ladi Finance assistant
Ulrike Verboom
Ulrike Verboom Senior Legal Counsel
Laurie Heskes
Laurie Heskes Controller