• Michel van der Aa: Upload (Filmopera)
    15 Jul 2021

    Michel van der Aa: Upload (Filmopera)

    What if eternal life were possible by the simple procedure of uploading your mind to the cloud? What would that mean for your humanity, your identity and your relationships with others? In the film version of his newest opera Upload, which will have its Dutch premiere online via Medici TV on 16 July, Michel van der Aa […]

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  • Age of Rage
    03 May 2021

    Age of Rage

    In Age of Rage, Ivo van Hove tells a primordial story of how revenge haunts and wrecks successive generations. In this production the history of the Trojan War and the royal Atrid family is the starting point. Ifigeneia in Aulis, Trojan Women, Hekabe, Agamemnon, Elektra and Orestes are edited into one story. Age of Rage shows the mechanisms, inevitability and hopelessness of […]

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